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About Us

Mirabai Malas were created with the true spiritual seeker in mind. We did not create a piece of jewellery, but a mala. A tool to help guide and remind you to foster your inner connecting with self and Source, so that you may find true freedom. 

Mirabai Malas is also passionate about giving back and making a difference, thus we donate $5 from the sale of each mala to aid education and vocational opportunities for children and young adults in Rishikesh, India. You can learn more about what we do, and our sister project, here

About Mirabai

Our malas are named after the 16th century Rajaput Princess, turned mystic poet and Bhakti Yoga practitioner, Mirabai (1498-1547). Having been born in a royal family, she fearlessly disregarded social and family conventions to follow her inner truth and live her life in devotion to God. Many of her poems can still be heard being sung within temples all throughout India and the world today.


We share in the tradition of Mirabai with malas to inspire you to follow your truth and connect with Source. These sacred malas will walk with you through every stage of your spiritual journey and evolution.

About Our Malas

Here at Mirabai Malas we value quality, simple beauty, integrity and spirituality. We endeavour to make sure every product that we design embodies these values.


Our malas are designed in Australia and ethically handmade in the holy city of Rishikesh, India, by local artisans.  Each mala is individually hand knotted using only genuine, natural and undyed, gemstones, along with cotton, handmade tassels and sterling silver pendants. Each mala contains the traditional 108 beads with a guru bead at the centre. 


Each mala has been blessed with sacred water from the River Ganges in the Himalayas - the heartland of yoga and home of ancient Yogis - to ensure it brings a pure and supportive energy to your meditation practice. 

About Radha

Hi, I’m Radha, the founder and designer of Mirabai Malas. I am also a  yoga teacher, India guide and life-long spiritual practitioner. Having been brought up in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga, I was gifted and taught how to use my first mala beads when I was a teenager by my spiritual teacher, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja. His lessons stay with me to this day and my malas beads have journeyed with me all over the world, a constant companion through every up and down of life and a physical anchor reminding me to sit, go within and connect. My mala beads have, in a sense, become a home that travels with me, one I know I can return to at any time.

I created Mirabai Malas as a way to both honour this ancient wisdom and share it with you, so that you too may find the same connection and sense of home.

To your eternal freedom,


Radha x

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